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Frequently Asked Questions

When should I take the test?

You should wait for at least one week before taking the test if you have had unprotected sex. Though, if you know for sure that the person you had sex with is infected with chlamydia, you should take the test as soon as possible.

What should I do if the test result is positive?

If your test shows that you are infected you will be instructed to visit a health care provider for examination and contact tracing. This can be done at different types of healthcare centers, depending on which region you belong to, for example at a regular healthcare centre, a youth guidance centre or an STI/STD-clinic. Some regions offer digital services. Chlamydia is included in the Communicable Diseases Act, and is thereby subjected to mandatory contact tracing. This means you are obliged to participate in contact tracing if your test result is positive [LÄNK].

How do I take the test?

The test kit consists of a vaginal swab for people with a vagina and a urine sample for people with a penis. Instructions for taking the test are enclosed in the kit.

What does my test result show?

Your test is analyzed for genital chlamydia and genital gonorrhoea. Read more about chlamydia here. The sample is not tested for other sexually transmitted diseases, or chlamydia/gonorrhoea exclusively in throat, rectum or eye. If you are worried or have questions about any of these, please contact a healthcare centre, a youth guidance centre or an STI/STD-clinic.

Can I give my test kit to someone else?

No, the test kit is personal, and can only be used by the person who placed the order. If someone else has used a test which you ordered - Please contact us.

What kind of test kit will be sent to me?

The test kit material is selected based on your civic registration number, i.e. legal gender. If you are uncertain whether the materiel will be right for you, or if you wish to receive another type of test kit, please contact us and we will arrange it.

Are the tests accurate?

The tests are just as accurate as the tests you would take at a healthcare centre. We use the same labs and methods as healthcare centers, youth guidance centers and STI/STD-clinics. Please note that testing too early after unprotected sex may give a false negative test result. Therefore, you should wait at least a week before taking the test.

Can you tell from the packaging that I ordered a chlamydia test?

No - the packaging is discreet. There are no logos or references to or the health care system.

Can I order a test kit to someone else's address?

Yes, you can. Simply state the address to which you want the test kit to be delivered when placing the order. Make sure that you fill in the name of the resident under "c/o" if you are not registered at the address. Please note that it is not possible to order a test kit to an address outside of the regions listed on this website.

What if I lose my personal code?

For reasons of confidentiality, we do not offer information about individual test results via email. Please contact us if you have lost your personal code. 

If you can't find the answer to your question, you are welcome to contact us here.

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